Backlash (supergroup)

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Backlash is the name of a superhuman group active in the US within the end of the 80s and the first half of the 90s.

Introduction [ edit ]

Early years (1986-1996) [ edit ]

The date of the formation of the Backlash is unconfirmed, just as most of the information about the identity of the five members. Captain Tomorrow, Will’o’wisp, Wyvern, Eternal September e Charge began taking part in minor Super-events in 1986, and remained active (without any prominent deed) until april 15th 1996. The Last Monday constitutes the last public appearance of the Backlash.

LAST MONDAY (1996) [ edit ]

The group was one of the first to be reported in Rally Point, and many superhumans (including Alterwoman, Millenniuman and Midknight) agreed on the group being already there when they arrived at the scene. The moment of their departure from the fight is still unconfirmed. The last report of their presence is around 9:30AM, supposed time Captain Tomorrow's death, by the hand of Mr. Monday himself and his Human Weekness. At the end of the fight, the Backlash were declared MIA, with the survivors agreeing on the group leaving the scene as soon as their companion fell.

Later years (1996-present) [ edit ]

The Backlash haven't been spotted since Last Monday, and are considered disbanded even without a public declaration. Unconfirmed sources report the arrest and trial for superhuman crimes of the remaining members of the group. The Defence Program for Multicollective Co-existence didn't deny or confirm any rumor about criminal acts by the Backlash, leaving their status as yet another presumed super-group affected by SPTSD and capable of unwarranted acts of violence.

Members [ edit ]

Captain Tomorrow (real identity unknown) was the Leader of the group. His powers have been speculated as Invulnerability and Super-strenght. He was killed during the Last Monday, and his identification was deemed impossible due to the conditions of his remains. His name figures on the Rally Point Memorial at the Superhuman History Museum of New York.

Will’O’Wisp (also known as Fuoco Fatuo, real identity unknown) is a living creature composed of pure energy, of which it has complete control. It can expand or reduce its own mass, shape-shift, and fly.

Eternal September (real identity unknown), like Charge, he doesn't possess any natural power. He uses the Fishernet Helmet, which increases his sensory abilities to near-omniscience and precognition. It has not been confirmed if the device was of his own conception, or if he just uses it (it can be assumed that the device was created by Charge). E.S. has not been spotted once without the Fishernet Helmet.

Wyvern (real identity unknown) is supposed to be the product of mutagenic experiments. Even if the last episodes of chemical mutations are dated around the 60s, Wyvern presents all the typical symptoms: bone structure deformation, muscle hypertrophy, hormonal dysfunctions (leading to a massive increase in hair production). Wyvern's arms are fused into wings which allow him to reach a flight speed of near 200mph. The mutation has somehow influenced his vocal chords, leaving him unable to talk.

Charge (real identity unknown), like Eternal September, she doesn't possess any natural power. As a former energy engineer (citation needed), she managed to make the “Equalizer“ exoskeleton combat-viable. The prototype, built by Professor Aschenbach, was the product of a research aimed to make un-powered people safely take part in super-human events, but resulted in failure because of the massive consumption of fossil fuel necessary to keep it active. In 1986, Charge stole and modified the prototype, making it viable for use, and started piloting it herself as a member of the Backlash. Despite the theft and the absolute secrecy of Charge's modifications, Ashenbach later approved such use of the exoskeleton, hoping to get recognition of his work.